Rutwik S. Kulkarni

Robotics Graduate Student 

About Me. 

I am currently a Master's student in Robotics Engineering, in my second semester at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My journey in this field began with obtaining a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the KK Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research in India. A significant milestone during my undergraduate studies was leading Team Vector as its captain for the ABU Robocon competition hosted by IIT Delhi. This leadership role notably enhanced my understanding and skills in robotics, marking a pivotal point in my academic and professional development.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I ventured into the professional sphere as a Robotics Software Engineer at Armstrong Dematic in India. This position allowed me to further refine my technical skills and gain industry experience. 

My interests and career goals are firmly anchored in the fields of Robotics and Engineering, with a specific focus on Computer Vision, Robotic Perception, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and Motion Planning. At present, I am deeply involved in projects that delve into these areas. My aim is to not only expand my knowledge and expertise in these domains but also to contribute meaningful innovations and advancements to the field of robotics.



Graduate Researcher, (Dec 23 - Present)

Perception and Autonomous Robotics Lab (Worcester, MA)

Robotics Software Engineer, (Jun 22 - Dec 22)

Armstrong Dematic (Nashik, MH, India)

Graduate Apprentice Trainee, (Sept 22 - Dec 22)

Rucha Yantra LLP (Aurangabad, MH, India)


Perception Stack for Autonomous Drone Racing


Navigating Unknown Environments using Optical Flow


Vision Goggles: A Sim2Real2Sim Framework for Testing UAVs

Building Built in Minutes: SfM and Novel View Synthesis using NeRF.


Decoupled Kinodynamic Path Planning for a Quadrotor


Classical and Deep Learning Approaches to Image Stitching using Homography


Deep UnDeep Visual Inertial Odometry


Einstein Vision: Traffic Scene Regeneration using  Monocular Camera of a Car


Advanced Sampling-based Path Planners 


Attitude Estimation using 6-DoF IMU 


Quadrotor Controller Design for UAV Interception in Restricted Airspace.